You work. You eat lunch.

You deserve a work christmas lunch. Don't let the lack of an office mean a lack of office shenanigans. United, for one day we can pretend to be employed.

The first sidebar box
Ok, I have a confession. This is just a generic website template I downloaded.
The next generic box
I just wanted something nice to go around the food order google form; its default look is brutalist functionality.
Yet another box. How many does the one sidebar need?
I think this was suposted to be a site for a café or something. I'm now doing unpleasant things to its html in notepad.
And do they really all need titles?
I could have made a site from scratch, but I'm busy doing freelancer things. ie. Trying to convince people I've already done work for that paying me would be a nice after-thought. I suggest that my invoice is part of their "legacy strategy".
I should have left the Lorem Ipsum
These boxes origianlly had filler-text. The completist in me had to swap them over for this drivel. A decision I now regret.

The Work Xmas Lunch for Orphaned Workers

The problem with being self-employed is that work functions can be a lonely affair. But no longer do you have to sit in a pub by yourself and pop your own cracker - not now that the SciComm Freelancers' Xmas Lunch is a thing which exists!

Somehow the brainchild of Greg, Lewis and Matt, this intersection of science, lunch and xmas is in its third year. So by a process of elimination, it is now Matt's turn to organise things. And you better believe he's going to automate the shit out of it.

We need to give the venue everyone's lunch orders in advance, and so below is an automated google form which will take your input and inject it directly into the main artery of Matt's spreadsheet. In turn a mail-merged email will be sent to the venue on Thursday 14 November and no-one needs to get bogged down in any actual human interactions.

At least, until the work xmas party. At which point, the human interactions you wish to get bogged down in are entirely up to you and the unexpectedly strong egg-nog.

Show Us Your Data

Form must be complete by WEDNESDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2013!
Any missing data will be randomly generated.


Stock Photos of People Eating Lunch

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of "lunch" and the activity of "eating", I have included some stock photos (well, technically some free previews of stock photos) of people eating lunch.